Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Friendship Swap!

This past month I particpated in the "Fall Friendship Swap" hosted by Kristen! It was so neat! She partnered each of us up and then we put together a neat little package of fall goodies! My partner was Sarah and OMG y'all, the package was amazing! I felt so blessed and she did such a great job! Here's what she sent me!

The fabulous package included
- 5 Bath & Body Works hand saniztizers (including my fav sweet cinammon pumpkin!)
-Give Thanks decoration
-Fall kitchen towels
-Vanilla and Pumpkin soy candle
-Fall basket
-Homemade pumpkin bread (It was also AMAZING!)
If you've never done a swap before, I highly encourage you to participate in one! They are so neat and it gives you a chance to meet a new friend and bless them!


  1. Mmmm pumpkin bread!! My favorite-just bakes three loaves! That must have been nice to open up!! :)

  2. Oh I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your experience Kate! Love all of your loot - B&BW yummy seasonal scented hand sanitizers are one of the little joys in life :-). Oh, and I can just about taste that pumpkin bread! Yummmm... So glad you linked up, so that we could all come visit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!